2019           PhD, The Graduate Center, City University of New York. Theatre and Performance, American Studies certificate.

2016           MPhil, The Graduate Center, CUNY. Theatre.             

2002          BA (Honors), The New School. Liberal Studies, Dance minor.                     


2019- Adjunct Lecturer, School of Visual Arts

2019- Adjunct Lecturer, The New School

2019 Fellow, Teaching and Learning Center, The Graduate Center, CUNY

2018-          Adjunct Instructor, LEAP Program, Saint Mary’s College of California

2017-         Adjunct Lecturer, Macaulay Honors College/Queens College, CUNY   

2016-          Adjunct Lecturer, Baruch College, CUNY        

2015-17      Writing Fellow, School of Professional Studies, CUNY

2014-          Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College, CUNY


Musical Theatre Studies, Theatre History, Dance History, Theories of Embodiment, Disability Studies, LGBTQ+ Studies, Performance Ethnography.   


Edited Volume:

2021             The Routledge Companion to Musical Theatre. Co-edited with William Everett and Laura MacDonald. London: Routledge.

Journal Editor:

2019            “Musical Theatre Dance.” Special Issue. Co-edited with Joanna Dee Das. Studies in Musical Theatre 13, no. 1.

Refereed Journal Articles:

2019 “‘Must Be Heavyset:’ Casting Women, Fat Stigma, and Broadway Bodies.” Special issue, The Journal Of American Drama and Theatre.

2012           “Acts of Recognition: Gesture and National Identity in Agnes de Mille’s ‘Civil War Ballet.’” Studies in Musical Theatre 6, no. 3: 325-333.

Book Chapter:

2019           “Style as Star: Bob Fosse and Sixty Seconds that Changed Broadway,” in The Routledge Companion to the Contemporary Musical,

edited by Jessica Sternfeld and Elizabeth Wollman. London: Routledge.

Book Review:

2019          Queer Dance: Meanings and Makings, edited by Clare Croft. Theatre Survey 60, no 1: 166-168.

Other Professional Publications:

2019 “Learning Shouldn’t Hurt, or How My Dog Made Me a Better Teacher,” Visible Pedagogy, The Graduate Center Teaching and Learning

Center Blog, July 2.

2019 “Balancing Teaching and Research as a Graduate Student.” Visible Pedagogy, The Graduate Center Teaching and Learning Center Blog,

April 11.

2017           “Assessing Active Learning Practice: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue.” Co-authored with Kristen Hackett. Visible Pedagogy, The Graduate

Center Teaching and Learning Center Blog, May 24.

2017           “Re-Membering the Canon: Sam Gold’s The Glass Menagerie.”, May 9.

2016          “On Building a Community in the Classroom.”, March 10.

CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS (refereed unless noted otherwise)


2017           “Broadway Bodies: Casting Difference in Broadway Musicals,” ATHE annual meeting, Las Vegas, August 4.

Panels Convened:

2019 “The Public’s Many Theatres,” co-convened with Barrie Gelles and Catherine Young, ASTR annual meeting, Arlington, VA, November 8.

2018          “Revolutions in Dance: Integrating Musical Theatre Historiography & Pedagogy,” co-convened with Phoebe Rumsey, ATHE annual

meeting, Boston, August 2.

Paper Presentations:

2018          “‘A Real Fat Girl’: Fat Stigma and Re-casting Effie,” Broadway Bodies conference, Washington University in St. Louis, September 29.

2018          “‘On Our Toes’: Incorporating Dance in Musical Theatre Syllabi,” ATHE annual meeting, Boston, August 2.

2018          “Too Gay for You, Too Hetero for Me: The Homogenized Homosexuals of La Cage aux Folles,” Song, Stage & Screen XIII, UCLA, June 2.

2017           “‘We Are What We Are?’ Queer Masculinities in La Cage Aux Folles,” ATHE annual meeting, Las Vegas, August 5.

2017           “Such a Big, Big Girl! Casting Fat Bodies on Broadway,” Song, Stage & Screen XII, University of Surrey, June 19.

2016           “Born on the Other Side: Disability and Queerness, Ancient and Modern,” ASTR annual meeting, Minneapolis, November 4.

2016          “Rethinking Ability in Deaf West’s Spring Awakening,” ATHE annual meeting, Chicago, August 14.

2016          “Billy Elliot and Bodies at Work,” ATHE annual meeting, Chicago, August 13.

2016           “The Love That Dare Sing Its Name: Lesbian Visibility and the Broadway Musical,” Song, Stage & Screen XI, City College, June 29.

2015          “Dance Across Disciplines: Blurred Boundaries of Dance on Broadway,” ATHE annual meeting, Montreal, August 1.

2015          “Style as Star: The Economy of Fosse,” Song, Stage & Screen X, Regent’s University, June 24.

2014           “Strike a Pose: Louis XIV, Madonna, and the Spectacular Economy of Image,” ASTR annual meeting, Baltimore, November 22.

2014          “Cole Porter and the Art of Queer Communication,” Song, Stage & Screen IX, Sheridan University, June 25.

2013          “Acts of Recognition: Gesture and National Identity in Agnes de Mille’s ‘Civil War Ballet,’” ATHE annual meeting, Washington, D.C.,

August 3.

Panels Chaired (invited):

2018          “Dance, Bodies, and Meaning,” Song, Stage and Screen XIII, UCLA, June 1.

2017           “Dances and Dreams,” Song, Stage and Screen XII, University of Surrey, June 19. 


2016          “Embodied Teaching and Mindfulness in Teaching,” Hunter College Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching, March 17.

2015          “Introducing the Futures Initiative,” Hunter College Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching, October 15.

2013          “One-on-One Conversation with Steven Hoggett,” Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, New York, July 13.

2010          “How to Watch Dance,” Macaulay Honors College/Baruch College, September 22.


The Graduate Center, CUNY:

2019 Provost’s University Fellowship

2018          Theatre and Performance Excellence in Teaching Award nominee

2017          Dissertation Year Fellowship

2017          Doctoral Student Research Grant

2017          Conference Travel Award

2015          Writing Across the Curriculum Fellowship

2015          Futures Initiative Teaching Fellowship

2015          Conference Travel Award

2014          Graduate Teaching Fellowship

2013          Conference Travel Award

2011          University Fellowship

Hunter College, CUNY:

2018          President’s Initiatives Award for Student Engagement


2012           Bruce Kirle Memorial Emerging Scholar Panelist, Association for Theatre in Higher Education annual meeting, Washington, D.C.


2019 Disability & Theatre (one section)/The New School

2019-20 Culture Survey I & II (one section)/School of Visual Arts

2019 Musicals and Identity (one section)/The New School

2018-19 Dance History I & II Challenge Exam Lecturer (one section)/Liberal Education for Arts Professionals/Saint Mary’s College of California  

2017 The Arts in New York City (one section)/Macaulay Honors College at Queens College, CUNY     

2016-19 Speech Communication (five sections)/Baruch College, CUNY

2016-18 World Theatre 3 (two sections)/Hunter College, CUNY

2014-15 Introduction to Theatre (three sections)/Hunter College, CUNY


University Service:

The Graduate Center, CUNY

2017          “Approaching Dance” Conference Co-Organizer, Doctoral Theatre Students’ Association

2015          Elected Doctoral Student Representative, Curriculum Committee, Theatre Program


Association for Theatre in Higher Education:

2017          Elected Graduate Student Representative, Music Theatre/Dance Focus Group             

2017          Bruce Kirle Memorial Emerging Scholarship Panel Juror

2016          Music Theatre/Dance Focus Group Pre-Conference Committee

2013          Bruce Kirle Memorial Emerging Scholarship Panel Juror

Artistic Service:

2013           City Center “Off-Center” Artistic Advisory Board Member, Jeanine Tesori, Artistic Director 


2014-15      Research Assistant to Dongshin Chang: Assisted with technology and pedagogy study

2014           Research Assistant to Martin Duberman: Archival researcher for The Emperor Has No Clothes: The Radical Voice of Doug Ireland

(Boerum Hill Press, 2015)


Actor’s Equity Association

American Studies Association

Association for Theatre in Higher Education

American Society for Theatre Research

Dance Studies Association